New hostel was born in Kuramae in Oct, 2018.
Kuramae is called “Tokyo’s Brooklyn” and still has an atmosphere of old downtown.
This hidden area next to Asakusa, is known for its handicraft and coffee culture.
There are unique leatherworking and handicraft shops that are run by talented artisans,
and also trendy coffee stands and cafes.

In this district, where good old handcrafter’s legacy still thrives,
FOCUS KURAMAE once used to be a factory for parts of cameras.
We wanted to tell the story and carry the history.
That’s why our name is “FOCUS” and our concept is photography.


FOCUS KURAMAE has unique features which you cannot find in other hostels in Tokyo.
We offer a camera rental service for our guests.

PENTAX, OLYMPUS, GoPro, you can take professional pictures with our cameras.

Our goal is to create a place where travelers can feel joy of travel and connect with other travelers through photography.



The 1st floor is a common lounge and cafe & bar where our guests can hang out.

Open 24/7, wifi and outlet for your charger are available.
Perfect place to plan your trip and do your work!

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